Smiling Siblings

Two siblings, both presenting with very different but significant issues, and their mother who had recently lost her partner and one a single income were lucky to find themselves in the orthodontic practice represented by a Give a Smile orthodontist.

Chloe Blight, a 14 year old was referred by her general dental practitioner with severely impacted upper cuspids. These were palatally impacted, less than 5mm apart and had started resorbing one of the lateral incisors. Treatment for this latter condition had become a priority. The family qualified for a health care card but the concern was that the wait for the public health system would lead to the loss of one or both lateral incisors.

Chloe’s 17 year old brother Cameron was also examined. He had severe crowding and poor self-esteem, possibly related to his smile. Again the wait for the public health system to resolve his malocclusion would have meant treatment would continue into his 20’s.

It was in this instance that South East orthodontics decided to self-screen and deemed the family deserving for treatment under the Give A Smile banner. The paperwork was completed and treatment commenced for the two Give A Smile patients.

Needless to say the patients and their family were thrilled with the results and very thankful to the Give A Smile program and the Australian Society of Orthodontists.

Cameron Blight final photo reszied Chloe Blight final photo resized

But the Blight kids were also fortunate enough to be treated by Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon Mr Kevin Spencer. Kevin realised the value of Give a Smile and offered to carry out the surgical work at no cost to the patient and also that of the Anaesthetist. He also went a further step and then persuaded the St John of God hospital to do the same. South East Orthodontics now have an ongoing agreement with them all to provide one surgical treatment per year if necessary.

These now smiling siblings also helped the practice achieve its two GAS allocations for the year. Well done!

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