Sharing the GAS message with postgrads

For the last few years Dan Vickers, the GAS NSW Liaison Officer, has used one of his final tutorial sessions for the year to talk to the postgraduate orthodontics students talk about the Australian Society of Orthodontics and Give a Smile.

These talks provide an important opportunity to bring the next generation of orthodontists into the work of Give a Smile.

Dan says, ‘I use the time to explain to them the structure of the ASO, what the functions are and how that relates to them now and when they graduate.  I also share information about the two not-for-profits the ASO manages, the ASO Foundation for Research and Education and Give a Smile.

In relation to GAS, Dan explains how they can become involved from the time they graduate and how to get their employer to support their involvement.

‘I get them to put on our GAS t-shirts and take a photo of the group.  It’s a bit of fun but all the while are we having a discussion about how we can work together to help Australian kids in need.  And because I usually do it before Christmas everyone is in a very altruistic mood,’ he says.

Regardless of what time of year it is, GAS is happy to welcome new GAS Orthodontists to further support our important work. Learn more about how you can be involved here.

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