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Inspiring smiles for children across Australia

Established in 2004 by the Australian Society of Orthodontists, Give a Smile began its journey with an idea. An inspiration to give children across Australia the chance to smile, providing orthodontic care to those who might never get the chance. Give a Smile othodontists are ASO members who volunteer to treat, for no fee, patients selected from public orthodontic waiting lists throughout Australia.

Community Support

With the help of the community, media and the support of various organisations, there are now more than 260 Give a Smile Orthodontists throughout Australia. These Orthodontists are the backbone of our operation having given over 1,200 children the confidence to smile and with continued support, hopefully many more to come…


In its first year, Give a Smile had attracted more than 40% of Australian Society of Orthodontists members to the program, and by mid-2006 the total had exceeded 50%. This equated to a reduction of places on waiting lists for orthodontic services in Australia’s public health system by more than 200 places – significantly more than was anticipated. Now the number of Give a Smile orthodontists has exceeded 260 participants which is more than 60% of ASO members- a truly remarkable reflection of the commitment of our group.

To help us continue our journey, share our story and help us create even more smiles on the faces of Australian children.

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