Give A Smile Team for ‘Run for the Kids’ grow to over 50

Getting ready to runOn March 24th Give a Smile fielded a team in the Melbourne Run for the Kids event – a fun run/walk that helped raise around $2million for the Royal Children’s Hospital as part of its Good Friday Appeal. Our team numbers have grown from the teens last year into the 50’s this year!

Some of our team ran in the 15km event which crossed to Bolte Bridge. Some walked the 5km path alongside the Botanical Gardens. All had fun and many of the team met up afterwards to enjoy a celebratory brunch in the park.

A good time was had by all we felt even better knowing that we had participated in an event that had helped raise so much for the Hospital. And that’s a very good fit with Give a Smile.

A big thanks to all of our team and we’d like to encourage more of you from our Give a Smile family to think about coming on board for next year’s event.

Celebratory brunch in the park


Give a Smile Team 2013 – Getting Into The Team Spirit

In March 2013, Give a Smile will field a team in the Melbourne Run for the Kids event. This fun run/fun walk, conducted annually, raises funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

Last year, its first time in the event, the GAS team was decked out in bright red GAS t-shirts and stood out in the large crowd of 300,000 competitors. Post-run, the team enjoyed some much-welcomed refreshments.Give a Smile plans to field a team annually and is looking to increase numbers for the 2013 event. Why not sign up for the event and be part of Give a Smile Team for 2013? Then you’ll be sent details of “what and where” for the GAS team – plus a groovy red T-shirt and matching red cap!

The registration fees, paid by GAS team members, go towards this worthy cause. In this way GAS helps raise more than $1.6m for the Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal. More reasons to smile.

Here’s the flyer

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