Amber – VIC

“Give a Smile is the best thing that ever happened to me. It gave me a chance to smile again,” said Amber.

Amber’s journey…

At the age of 13, Amber was accepted into the Give a Smile program and had her first assessment with Dr. Gerald Dickinson. She was shy and was reluctant to smile, feeling that she didn’t ‘fit in’.

Amber was suffering from a severe Class 2 malocclusion (“bad bite”). The front teeth were very crowded and uneven. Two of the upper front teeth were squeezed forward, making the teeth very difficult to clean. Amber had braces put on her upper and lower teeth, along with elastics to correct her bad bite. Amber’s treatment took less than two years to complete. As with all treatments, the orthodontist spent many hours of specialised care with each patient in order to give them a lovely, even smile and a healthy bite. Amber’s treatment was a great success and Dr. Dickinson found her a pleasure to work with, describing her as “an excellent patient” who was “very happy and grateful for her beautiful smile.”Amber had the following words of thanks for the Give a Smile program:

“Thank you so much for your time and allowing me to be one of your patients. It’s given me an opportunity I wouldn’t have otherwise had and I’m happy to be a patient,” said Amber.

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