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    Your child needs to be on the public dental waiting list in your state or territory. Patients are allocated to Give a Smile from the top of the waiting list.

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    How does my child get on the public waiting list for orthodontic treatment?

    You must be a Health Care Card holder or Pension Card holder. Contact the public dental health department in your state or territory for an appointment to have your child’s dental and orthodontic needs assessed. Details are available on the Give a Smile web site.

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    How do I know if I’m eligible for a Health Care Card or a Pension Card?

    Contact your local office of the Department of Social Security.

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    How long are the public waiting lists for orthodontic treatment?

    It varies, but it can be two years or more.

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    By accepting treatment through Give a Smile, does this mean my child’s treatment will start sooner?

    Your child will be selected from the top of the waiting list.

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    Do I have to pay anything if I accept treatment through Give a Smile?

    If you live in SA, WA or Victoria, your state health department requires you to pay a fee (co-payment) for your orthodontic treatment. If you accept treatment through Give a Smile, that co-payment will be paid by you to the Give a Smile Trust.

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    Will my child still be eligible for other dental treatments (eg check-ups or extractions) through the public system?

    Yes, your child will still be entitled to receive any dental treatment in the public dental health system.

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    Will the Give a Smile Orthodontist make any extra charges for the treatment?

    Give a Smile Orthodontists are entitled to charge a fee which are caused by the patient. Some examples would be: continually breaking appointments, losing or breaking appliances (including retaining plates). We hope that this won’t happen!

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    My Child's Give a Smile Orthodontist do the same standard of treatment as my child would receive in the public system?

    Yes, the treatment will be performed by a Specialist Orthodontist. As he or she will be a full member of the Australian Society of Orthodontists, the treatment will be of the highest standard.

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    Do I have to accept the offer of treatment through Give a Smile?

    No, you have choice of having the treatment done either by the Give a Smile program or in the public dental health system.

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    What are my responsibilities as a Give a Smile PATIENT, PARENT OR GUADIAN?

    These are the same responsibilities as for all orthodontic patients. Attending appointments, caring for the appliances, keeping a high standard of teeth and gum cleaning and by following all instructions given by the Orthodontist.

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    What if I want—or my child wants—to stop treatment mid-way through?

    You, patient - or parent/guardian - are fully entitled to make such a decision. The Orthodontist will inform you of the possible consequences of that decision.

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    What happens if I move to another location?

    If this happens, Give a Smile will try its very best to facilitate a transfer to another Give a Smile Orthodontist. Failing that, you will be transferred back into the public system.

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