Service Awards

Give a Smile values the time, effort and expertise of every registered Give a Smile orthodontist.  Our service awards relate to “milestones” of our orthodontists in service to Give A Smile for the number of patients allocated and treated by them – we can’t be more grateful to them for their generosity to the cause!

Gold Award Recipients – 20 patients
Silver Award Recipients -10 patients
Bronze Award Recipients –  5 Patients

Silver Awards
Dr Michael Hyde ACT
Dr Chrys Antoniou NSW
Dr David Bachmayer NSW
Dr Theo Baisi NSW
Dr Andrew Barry NSW
Dr John Brabant NSW and VIC
Dr Steve Cave NSW
Dr Eugene Chan NSW
Professor Ali Darendeliler NSW
Dr Michael Dineen NSW
Dr Martin Fine NSW
Dr Michele May Yee Fong NSW
Dr Matthew Foo NSW
Dr Shane Fryer NSW
Dr Joe Geenty NSW
Dr Roger Hammond NSW
Dr Gareth Ho NSW
Dr Leigh Jones NSW
Dr Luke Kon NSW
Dr Peter Lewis NSW
Dr Sameh Malek NSW
Dr Amrik Manku NSW
Dr John Mamutil NSW
Dr Andrew McNaught NSW
Dr Atul Mehta NSW
Dr Tim Mew-Sum NSW
Dr Steve Moate NSW
Dr Neil Pinto NSW
Dr Morrie Rapaport NSW
Dr Teriko Rex NSW
Dr Kevin Roberts NSW
Dr Rolf Schimann NSW
Dr Paul Standish NSW
Dr Steve Stramotas NSW
Dr Kamini Titus NSW
Dr Christine Underhill NSW
Dr Larry Uria NSW
Dr Dan Vickers NSW
Dr Hilton Wasilewsky NSW
Dr Ian Westmore NSW
Dr Rhonda Coyne QLD
Dr Stephen Herriott QLD
Dr Jonathan Ashworth SA
Dr Steve Bajada SA
Dr Melinda Barva SA
Dr John Cameron SA
Dr Andrew Fraser SA
Dr John Jenner SA
Dr Helen McLean SA
Dr Marie Reichstein SA
Dr Richard Salmon SA
Dr Kip Homewood VIC
Dr  Rudolf Linker VIC
Dr  Andrew McDonald VIC
Dr Rob McGlade VIC
Dr Giles Plunkett VIC
Dr  Geoff Wexler VIC
Dr Mithran Goonewardene WA
Dr Kevin Murphy WA
Dr John Owen WA
Retired Silver Awards
Dr Charlie  Sheridan VIC
Bronze Awards
Dr  Ross Adams NSW
Dr  Saad Al-Mozany NSW
Dr  Darin Ballard NSW
Dr  Anita Bonic NSW
Dr  Jean Brennan NSW
Dr Kit Chan NSW
Dr Robert Chapman NSW
Dr John Coolican NSW
Dr  Sheryn Deane NSW
Dr Henry Ho NSW
Dr Alistair King NSW
Dr Emma McKenzie NSW
Dr Tony O’ Meara NSW
Dr Yvonne Poon NSW
Dr Eric Saacks NSW
Dr Francis Wong NSW
Dr Joe Bleakley QLD
Dr Julie Creagh QLD
Dr Kent Farmer QLD
Dr Peter Hardman QLD
Dr Paul  Hanrahan QLD
Dr Christopher Ho QLD
Dr Nick Kotsomitis QLD
Dr Victor Lalieu QLD
Dr John Mewing QLD
Dr Colin Nelson QLD
Dr Stevan Saicich QLD
Dr Ashley Smith QLD
Dr Geoff Stanton QLD
Dr Marcus Tod QLD
Dr Linda Ton QLD
Dr Daniel DeAngelis SA
Dr Grant Duncan SA
Dr  Simon Freezer SA
Dr Con Laparidis SA
Dr Sam Amari VIC
Dr Mark Beatrice VIC
Dr Serg Bobbera VIC
Dr Jim Bokas VIC
Dr Paul Buchholz VIC
Dr Barbara Carach VIC
Dr Janine Chandler VIC
Dr Tony Collett VIC
Dr Allan Coveney VIC
Dr  Ted Crawford VIC
Dr Sandro D’Adamo VIC
Dr Michael Kirshon VIC
Dr Jeff Lipshatz VIC
Dr Robert Mayne VIC
Dr Kylie Moseling VIC
Dr David Nash VIC
Dr  Sean O’Callaghan VIC
Dr Martyn Riley VIC
Dr Dan Sable VIC
Dr Jeff Sargent VIC
Dr Paul Schneider VIC
Dr Robbie Schwartz VIC
Dr Peter Scott VIC
Dr Tracey Shell VIC
Dr  Jon Skilton VIC
Dr  Theresia Sudjalim VIC
Dr  Seon-Seng Tan VIC
Dr Greg White VIC
Dr Albert Wong VIC
Dr Andrew Wood VIC
Dr Gosia Barley WA
Dr  Greg Brudenell WA
Dr Andrew Cayley WA
Dr Crofton Daniels WA
Dr Shelley Greenway WA
Dr Fiona Hall WA
Dr Howard Holmes WA
Dr Andrew Kalafatas WA
Dr  Maznah Manaf WA
Dr Peter Munt WA
Dr Mike Razza WA
Dr Andrew Savundra WA
Dr Peter Southall WA
Dr Chris Wholley WA
Dr  Denise Wilson WA
Retired Bronze Recipients
Dr  John Armitage2019 VIC
Dr Bruce  Taylor  VIC
Dr Ted  Crawford  VIC
Dr Tissa  Jayaskera  VIC
Dr Bruce Sokel  VIC
Dr David  Fuller  VIC
Dr Paul Farren  VIC
Dr Boon Hong Seto  VIC
Dr Richard Gillies  VIC
Dr Alan Pollard  VIC
Dr Geoffrey  Hall  VIC
Dr Siva Vasudavan  VIC
Dr  Divya Sriram 2019 NSW
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