Liaison Officers

There is a Give a Smile Liaison Officer in each state and territory in Australia.

It is the role of the Give a Smile Liaison Officer to accept patients sent to GAS by the public dental health department in that state or territory and to allocate each patient to an appropriate GAS orthodontist for their treatment.

The Give a Smile Liaison Officers are all full members of the Australian Society of Orthodontists and do this very important work on an honorary basis. They play a key part in making the program work.




Dr Jeff Swann
Tel 02 6251 3455

Dr Mark Leedham


Dr Dan Vickers
Tel 02 9484 5154

Dr Sheryn Deane


Dr Hugh McCallum
Tel 07 3636 1025

Dr Faye Goodyear


Dr Melinda Barva
Tel 08 8265 4977



Ashwani Gupta
Tel 03 6224 7579

Dr Kath Arneman


Dr Devin Ong
Tel 03 9434 4111


Dr Sam Bennett
Tel 0450 849406

Dr Mithran Goonewardene

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